Natural and Manmade Undergroung European Heritage

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Έτος Έκδ.: 2008
ISBN: 9789607182432
CAVES NETWORK is the first transnational research effort on the topic of caves with the support of the European Community and the cooperation among various inter-regional administrative and research organisations. The project constitutes a dynamic pole for the realization of innovative initiatives regarding caves’ research, preservation methods and dissemination practices in the European sphere. The partners of the project introduce us to the cave networks of France, Greece, Italy (Matera), Spain and Italy (Taranto) examine the geological and geomorphological setting of their study area, continue with the cultural importance of the landforms and suggest best practices on the axes of education and caves, natural hazards and human intervention, reservation methods and legal protection. The overall objective of the study was to increase the effectiveness of the local and regional development tools and policies relating to the cave- dwellings and underground caves of the partners concerned in the different areas, by exchanging expertise and good practice, sharing experiences and creating a permanent multidisciplinary network around this issue.
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