A Weft of Memory

A Greek Mother’s Recollection of Folkosngs, Poems and Proverbs

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Συγγραφέας: Scotes, Vasiliki
Σελίδες: 534
Έτος Έκδ.: 2017
ISBN: 9789609391900
The more than three hundred Greek folksongs and poems in this collection were dictated from memory by Vasiliki Scotes from her ninety-seventh year until the beginning of her hundred and fourth. The collection comes from a time now long gone, lived out in a remote mountain village in Greece when folk customs and beliefs were still vigorous and unaffected by urban and foreign influences. It also marks the end of an eons-old Greek tradition of oral transmission, which Vasiliki ably personified and maintained and whose riches she passionately and hopefully wanted to convey to future generations.
Songs of love, songs of death, songs of war, songs of bandits, songs of work, songs of prayer, songs of satire, songs of children, songs of lullabies and of fun - all will be found here. Also included are proverbs and maxims, an integral part of daily discourse in the Greek villages of yesteryear. Translated and annotated by her son, this collection might be likened to Vasiliki’s last ”flokati” woven on the loom of her memories, recalling the days when she sang many of these same songs seated at another loom in her family’s house high in the Pindus Mountains.
Διαστάσεις: 24x17εκ. • Βάρος: 1043γρ. • Συγγρ.: Scotes, Vasiliki • Αθήνα • Είδος: Βιβλίο